January 2021 Wrap-Up

Good grief, it’s the middle of February and I’ve not posted my January Wrap-Up. It seems I’m already failing at keeping this years resolutions. Well, that isn’t unusual for me. Anyway. I plan on posting more about my reading on this blog this year, and I’m off to a fabulous start.

My reading in January went well, I think. I did spend some time re-reading books, but, you know it’s winter and a comforting re-read of a favorite is always fun for me. I also managed to read a couple of books for The High/Low Challenge I set for myself. I didn’t complete it last year, and want to finish it this year. I also spent January deciding which challenges to participate in during the year. This year I decided to work on the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, Reading Women Challenge, Heaving Bosoms Reading Embrace, and Mt.TBR Reading Challenge 2021. As usual, I’m using these challenges to read books that own as of January 30, 2020. I’m trying to focus on reading all of the books I own, both physical and digital. Of course, I plan on participating in readathons during the coming year, too.

Speaking of readathons, I’ve already completed one readathon January 4-10. I read Three books during it and participated in the 30 minute Sprints. And I have to say that those sprints inspired me to keep sprinting 3 or 4 days a week after the readathon was over. Ive been using that time to read books that I’m struggling to read for the High/Low Challenge. I have such a reading block when it comes to some of the books on those lists. And sprinting through those books helps.

I did want to write something about the Mt. TBR Challenge hosted by the blog My Reader’s Block. This challenge is designed to help readers read their owned books. And different mountain peaks equal the number of owned TBR books you plan to read during the year. I decided to attempt Mount Blanc, which is 24 books. To learn more about this challenge and its rules, be sure to click on the link above.

Okay, enough chat, here are my stats for the month of January.


Total Books Read: 12

Written by Men: 4

Written by Women:10

Nonfiction: 2

Diverse Authors: 3

Re-Reads: 3

Borrowed: 9

Mt. TBR Challenge: 3

Favorite Book of the Month: Devil in Winter . Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent & Evie forever.

Most Disappointing: The Fallen & Rapture books 1&2 in Hades Castle Trilogy. This is a serial and that wasn’t clear to me when I started reading the first book. And I really don’t like serials because in many, including this one, the plot doesn’t move much. A lot of just running around in circles for the characters, going nowhere at all. I won’t be finishing the series. #YMMV.

So that was my January reading. How did your January go? Let me know in the comments and leave a link to you wrap-up so I can poke around on your blog.

Happy Reading, y’all.

One thought on “January 2021 Wrap-Up

  1. You’ve made a really good start to 2021 in your reading year. I’m impressed you’ve already completed a readathon! I hope the year continues well – and let’s hope it goes on improving for all of us!!!


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