June 2020 Wrap-Up

5373F37D-470B-4563-87C8-96939758A5F1Read: 15

Men: 1

Women: 14

Diverse Authors: 2

Library Books: 9

My Own Books: 6

physical copies: 14

eBooks: 11

Re-Reads: 3

DNF: 2

page total: 4,873

Favorite Books:

Texts From Jane Eyre

A Hunger Like No Other

The Chocolate Kiss

It’s July? How did that happen? Time seems to move more quickly the older I get, but this year is such a mess that months and days are moving at strange rate. Anyway, how was your reading in June? Did you you have a good reading month? Let me know in the comments below. And leave me a link to your June wrap-up, too.

As always, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “June 2020 Wrap-Up

    1. Thanks, Freda.
      I’m getting more comfortable DNFing books that I’m not enjoying. There are too many books out there I havent read and enjoyed, if you know what I mean! 8-}


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