Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday so it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Do visit this fun blog and read all the other lists. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be sure to add books to your TBR pile. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is: Best Books You’ve Read In 2017 So Far.

I decided to not include re-reads in this list, just book I’ve read for the first time this year. And so, in no particular order are the best books I’ve read this year:

This book is heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s a love letter to Terry Tempest William’s mother and grandmother and to the unloved Great Salt Lake. Read it!



Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante The third book of the Neapolitan Series. I’m putting off reading the forth book because I just don’t want to leave this world.




The Story of a New Name by Elena FerranteThe 2nd book of the Neapolitan series.




The Girls by Emma ClineI’m not sure what it is, but Manson stories seem to be everywhere lately. TV documentaries and podcasts about the murders keep popping up. This book joins that list as a story of young girl joining a Manson like cult in the late 60’s. It’s not a perfect book, but I liked it. It really explores female friendships and relationships in an interesting way. Click here to read my review.


The Invisible Library by Genevieve CogmanOh, this is a fun, fun read. I loved this book and the world the writer creates so much.  Click here to read my gushing review.




The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLeanI have just consumed romance novels one after the other since the beginning of the new year. And this is one of the best I’ve read. Sarah MacLean is one the best romance writers out there. If you pick up one of hers, you will probably not be disappointed.



Something About Emmaline by Elizabeth Boyle This is another that I really like. It’s the first of a series (there seems to be a lot interconnected series in the romance genre, isn’t there? )




Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long I read this one based on the title alone. It just sings to me for some reason. I like this author quite a bit and I need to read more of here books, I think.




Thumbnails courtesy of GoodReads.

Do You have any thoughts about my TTT list? Have you read any of the books on it? Let me know in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I’ve only heard of two books on your list, The Girls by Emma Kline and The Invisible Library by Genevieve Goodman. I actually have The Invisible Library on my Nook but I have not read it yet.


  2. Oh, I think I read Refuge back in college in a creative non-fiction writing class. I bet I have it in a box somewhere–I’ll have to dig it out.

    The first book of the Neapolitan novels was on my top ten. I’m looking forward to rest!

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