Dewey’s Read-a-thon Updates

I’ll be posting updates for the #readathon throughout the day.

My first book of the day is Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. I started the book a week or two ago and I’m planning on finishing today during the #readathon. I started today on page 128 and am now just on 148. Slow start, for sure. I think I need more coffee!

Update Hour 3: I’ve finally made some progress! I’m on page 203 and read 55 pages since my last update. It’s very difficult to keep updating on all the platforms, so I’m going to make an adjustment. I’ll post less frequently on my blog, post hourly on twitter and on Facebook.

Update hour 12: well, I just completed my first sprint of the day. I read 53 pages in one hour! I’m finally only two pages shy of finishing my first book of the “a-thon.” In the next hour I’ll start my next book. It’s one that’s been on my libraries waiting list for two months, so I’m really glad it became available to read during this event!

Update Hour 16. Yup, its been 16 hours. I just completed my second sprint of the day. I read 47 pages this time. I should mention that I’m now about a third of the way through my second read of the  a-thon, Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho, and I’m loving it. I’m so glad I’m reading during the a-thon. And I’m really glad that a book that is so engaging is what I’m reading during the later hours of this 24 hour read-a-thon.



6 thoughts on “Dewey’s Read-a-thon Updates

    1. Scott you should do this for your boys. Have a weekend read-a-thon. Maybe just 6 to 8 hours long. Offer them prizes for number of pages read, number of books read, or number of minutes read without stopping. On a cold day over Christmas break it would kill time. I wish I’d thought of doing this with Rodney and Stef.


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