Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon


Yes, it is true. I’ve gone deep into the book blogging world. I’m participating in challenges that measures how many books I want to read this year. I participating in the Book Riot Read Harder challenge and various other challenges on Twitter. But this weekend I’m participating in a challenge that has been on my radar for about six months. I discovered it last fall and I’ve been looking forward to it since. It’s the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. I, along with book bloggers, lovers, and readers, across the web, will spend 24 hours on Saturday, April 23, reading. And I’m looking forward to it!

I have a pile of books ready and I’m putting together ideas for my snacks. Snacks, from what I can tell from reading the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, are an extremely important part of the a-thon. Any binging session whether its a TV show or a pile of books demands that the the one binging has sustenance. And so there has been a lot of discussion about goodies that will help you get through all 24 hours. While treats are good, many a-thoners argue that protein will help the reader stay awake.

In addition to snack suggestions, there is discussions about what to read to help keep you going during the event. Experts suggest that having a variety of books in the TBR pile is essential. Fiction, nonfiction, comic books and graphic novels, YA, novels, short stories are all suggested. But many who have participated in previous a-thons suggest saving easier reads, YA, and short stories for the early morning hours when it will be harder to stay awake.

Another fun part of this challenge is the social aspect. Participants are encouraged to blog, tweet, and FB during the challenge. We are encouraged to cheer each other on. It’s a great way, I think, to get to know other bloggers and book nerds out there in the world. In addition to the blogging and cheering are prizes. Yes, there are prizes! Bookish swag for the devoted bookish nerds. I would participate even without the swag, but that it’s a part of it makes it even more fun.

So, in anticipation of Saturday I’ve been planning. What to read, what to eat, and what goals to set for myself. Because that is a part of this too. Will I aim to stay up all night or read certain number of pages? Will I blog, tweet, etc. every hour or just when the spirit moves me? Since this is my first time my main goal is to try and stay up the entire 24 hours reading. I’ll take breaks, of course, but reading for 24 hours is my goal. Next time I might volunteer to cheer, but for this first one I’m just reading and blogging/tweeting.

Are any of my bookish friends interested in participating along with me this weekend? Suggestions for snacks to keep up my strength after midnight?

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