This is what one of my favorite professors used to say at the beginning of class when she need to take care of a bunch of small issues that had nothing to do with the class lessons that day. Stuff like handing back papers, reminding of work due in coming weeks, etc. So today, I’m not writing something long (like last week!), I’m just round up a few thoughts for the end of this week.

I broke my half-assed vow not to buy any new-to-me books. I fell off the #readmyowndamnbooks wagon. I bought two new hardcover books on Amazon and had them shipped to me by two day shipping. And I blame the folks over at Book Riot for this lapse (Because I have no control over this, right?) I watched a video about illuminated novels and immediately purchased two that are mentioned. I’ll write something more about illuminated novels and why I like them next week.

I also got my last Quarterly box from Book Riot this week. I subscribed to it for a year and it was a lot of fun. Every four months Book Riot through Quarterly sends a box of books and items that bookish folk like myself will love. For example, in one box in addition to the books I got a cool notebook that looks like an old library card, and a pencil bag that matches. Fun stuff like that. Each box had a theme. This week’s box is travel. So both books are nonfiction about travel and some bags that are for traveling. Both are TSA approved. This last box was okay, but it seemed to be less curated, I guess. So now I’m looking for a new book box.

I finished a book this week. It wasn’t for any of my book challenges, but something I’ve had on my to read list since I first heard about it around Christmas. The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. It’s a great book and I really enjoyed it. 4 1/2 stars enjoyed. And it’s something that was published in the last two months! And this is her first novel! And she is in her fifties! There is hope for me after all.  I’ll get my thoughts on it up on the blog next week.

Do you have any suggestions for book box subscriptions? Or illuminated novels? If so please leave a comment.


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